Boosting sexual desire: which natural supplements to use?


Contrary to popular belief, a drop in sexual desire is not always a fatality. Various factors inherent in our daily lives can directly influence our desire to make love or not. It could be fatigue, stress, illness, work or family problems... No need to tell you that this drop in desire could have an impact on your life as a couple. Whether it's frigidity, sexual impotence or premature ejaculation, there are many remedies available. Here we offer you a list of natural supplements that will enable you to improve your sexual desire and cure certain disorders.


A popular and effective aphrodisiac: Peruvian maca

Peruvian maca or Peruvian ginseng is a plant found in the Andes and especially in the highlands. It is a plant prized by the natives mainly because of its extraordinary nutritional properties. Traditional medicine then found it to have virtues for the body, especially for infertility and sexual disorders.

Considered to be one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs in the world, studies have shown that Peruvian maca can:

  • To stimulate sexual activity in both men and women;
  • To act on the vigour and the reproductive activity of the organism thanks to the active compounds of the plant;
  • Stimulate the sexual desire of people who consume it regularly (men and women).

Ginseng and its properties against sexual impotence

Like its predecessor, the properties of ginseng are mainly found in the root. It is mainly found on the Asian continent, especially in China and Korea. This plant species is a natural approach to erectile problems and sexual impotence.

It has been proven that the main cause of erectile dysfunction is stress. Whether it is oxidative or emotional, it affects your sexual desire. Ginseng is an excellent boost to men's virility. Its action contributes to good physical health and a fulfilling sex life.

Ginger: a natural booster

With its anti-mitic properties, ginger always amazes with its multiple properties of well-being. Fatigue, heart problems, diabetes, inflammation, digestion, ginger is on all fronts.

Moreover, most of the root's reputation is based on its aphrodisiac properties. This makes it one of the best natural supplements in this category. Indeed, it has the ability to increase sexual desire in a person. It is a practical, effective and above all natural solution for improving sexual appetite. For a good result, ginger can be used in combination with other natural products such as maca from Peru and ginseng.<

With regard to sexual impotence, ginger helps to eliminate one of its main aggravating factors: physical fatigue. This property of this product is due to its composition in nutrients important for the human body.<

Tribulus against sexual impotence

Tribulus terrestris is the variety of tribulus known to fight against sexual impotence. The plant is very common in Europe, but is found in the wild in North America and Asia. Its stimulating effects on the sexuality of men and women are due to protodioscin. This is an active ingredient that significantly increases testosterone levels in the body.

The results of several clinical studies have shown that regular consumption increases the level of sex hormones. This increase would lead to a clear improvement in sexual performance.

It should also be noted that this variety of tribulus helps mobility and increases the quantity of spermatozoa. It is therefore an asset in the fight against infertility problems.

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