Extreme Dry PackExtreme Dry PackExtreme Dry Pack
- 22%
  • Reference : 1 x EFABSPROTC1500
    1 x EFSPIBURN120
    1 x EFABSGEL
    1 x EFSPWC90
The dry period allows you to reveal the muscles worked in muscle mass gain, and to sculpt your figure. How? Simply by losing the fat that covers them.
To succeed in your dry period without risking your health, working out in the weight room is not enough to burn the stored fat. In fact, you will also have to adapt your dietary program according to your morphotype and your objective.
To optimize your dryness and go even further in muscle definition, it is almost essential to consume quality food supplements that can help you better control your appetite and conserve all your energy.

Iron EAA Ultra Fat Burner
A worldwide exclusivity of Laboratoire Eric Favre®, the Iron Series E.A.A (essential amino acids) range is distinguished by an exclusive ingredient: La Biaminoée.
The Biaminoée, derived from a unique cutting-edge technology, is an exclusive concentrate of dipeptides, plasma grade amino acid molecules for optimal assimilation & heme iron, the most assimilable iron in the body.
ANTI-DOPING: Product compliant with Anti-doping regulations, compliant with the AFNOR NF V94-001 standard (at the date of manufacture of the batch).

Biaminoée is a worldwide exclusivity of the LTEV Laboratory. Scientific study on the heme iron contained in Biaminoée. Kaneka Glavoinoid is a registered trademark of Kaneka Inc.

Abdo Slim Cream - 150ml Tube
ABDO SLIM CREAM is the first Thermo-Active cream that slims the waistline and shapes the abs. This cream with its innovative formula is very effective if you want to sculpt your abs.
The elimination of fatty acids in fat cells has been proven following the high presence of actiporine (0.8%).
  • • Actiporine is a revolutionary active ingredient derived from Jania Rubens, a red algae whose extract acts on fats.
  • • Maté favours the metabolism of fats thanks to the presence of saponins that stimulate thermogenesis.
  • • Capsaicin stimulates metabolism, increases fat burning.
  • • Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica), also known as the tiger herb, helps fight cellulite and stretch marks.
  • • Shea Butter moisturises the skin and makes it soft, prevents the appearance of stretch marks.

Keto CLA
40 day program.
Ideal for accompanying a ketogenic diet or weight loss program, Keto CLA helps stabilize weight, especially during a dry period. The CLA contained in CLA 3000 by Laboratoire Eric Favre® is derived from safflower oil and therefore vegetal.
CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is a derivative of linoleic acid from the family of essential fatty acids (polyunsaturated fatty acids or omega-6).

This slimming active ingredient is very often used in the context of weight stabilisation, to avoid the "yo-yo" effect. Indeed, 1safflower helps to limit the formation of fatty tissue. It thus helps to reduce body fat and avoid fat storage.

Abdo Slim - Drying Protein
Abdo Slim is a multi-action protein with whey, green tea, carnitine and minerals :
  • • A fat burning action thanks, among other things, to 1green tea which stimulates fat oxidation.
  • • A toning action thanks to Vitamin B5 which helps reduce fatigue
  • • An action on your muscle mass thanks to 2proteins that help increase muscle mass

Abdo Slim is recommended for :
  • • Slimming snacks, diet1
  • • Improving muscle definition2
  • • Fat burner1

ANTI-DOPING : Product complies with anti-doping regulations, complies with AFNOR NF V94-001 (at the date of manufacture of the batch)

Water Cut Drainer
Do you have the feeling of being bloated? Do you find it difficult to remove your rings? Have your ankles doubled in size? This is the accumulation of water within a tissue of the body. Water Cut is a food supplement with a complete action based on 13 ingredients including (1) dandelion which facilitates the elimination functions of the body and contributes to the detoxification and drainage function. Thus, the tissues will be disinfiltrated, your silhouette refined and drawn.

Round Neck T-Shirt
100% Polyester

Bottle - Gourd
Hydration guaranteed with the Eric Favre bottle - gourd!
Size: 1000 ml
Not suitable for microwave use, nor for dishwasher use at high temperatures over 45°C.

Choice of flavours and colours, while stocks last.


The ideal pack for visible fat loss!

Do you want to work on your figure to bring out your muscle mass?

Eric Favre Nutrition Expert



To optimise your lean, our extreme lean pack contains quality products that will help you maintain your muscle mass.


The Watercut will be useful to facilitate the elimination of toxins in the body.


Our products contain ingredients that help reduce fatigue, such as vitamin B5.

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