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by damien

Your Bodybuilding Guide

Bodybuilding is a discipline which consists of working the muscles with the aim of developing mainly muscle mass and losing fat mass.

Every trainee has a different goal, a different physiology, a different metabolism, different skills etc. which means that a strength training session will be different for every trainee.

In this guide you will find everything you need to know about bodybuilding (pathologies, training methods, goals, hormonal system, etc.).

There are several reasons for bodybuilding injuries. Generally, they can occur as a result of poorly controlled efforts, insufficient regeneration time, etc.

Such unforeseen events are bound to be the cause of the injury.Such unforeseen events are inevitably a hard blow that can momentarily slow down the progress of the practitioner.

In these articles, you will discover some leads on the types of injuries and the prescriptions to follow to limit them in bodybuilding.

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