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Anatomy, Methods And Exercises In Bodybuilding

by damien

Weight training is not just about lifting heavy, and increasing loads when you can.To progress in this discipline, it is necessary to have knowledge on the subject: anatomy, warm-up, weight training methods, parameters of intensification of the sessions, nutrition, etc...In this article, you will see the anatomy, the warm-up as well as the methods of weight training and intensification of the trainings.

Anatomy & Exercises

For any bodybuilder, it is necessary to have some knowledge of anatomy.This knowledge will allow you to know where and how your muscles work in order to better recruit them during your sessions.This way you will know how your body will react to the sport and what your limits are.

The human body is made up of a complex network of over 640 muscles all of which either have motor function or maintain the dynamism of the body including many other functions.To learn about the anatomical basis of muscles, find out more about the subject here.

For each anatomical part, you will find the associated strength training exercises to work the muscles concerned.

The importance of warming up

It is important before each training session, to systematically start with a warm-up.This type of exercise should be done 5 to 10 minutes beforehand.It is usually characterised by cardiovascular exercises such as cycling, rowing, treadmill etc.coupled with simple, wide, unloaded movements to prepare the muscles and joints for the effort that will follow. To learn about the benefits and importance of the warm-up, the topic can be found here.

Methods of Bodybuilding

To progress in bodybuilding it is necessary to adopt a method of bodybuilding and to change your training program regularly.However, each person has a different metabolism, physiology, sporting background and abilities, so it is important to find a method of training that suits you, and that is specific to you in order to progress. A technique that is suitable for one person to develop their muscles may not necessarily be suitable for another.To learn about bodybuilding methods (SPLIT, Full Body, PPL, etc.) and intensification parameters (sets, tempo, superset, prefatigueetc.), the topic is to be discovered here.

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