Why do a detox

by damien

Why do a Detox

The new buzzword "detox" is everywhere, from magazines, to diet articles, to tea boxes.It's impossible to miss this new buzzword.But the question is: what does a detox programme really mean? Why do we need to do this program?


This program appeared thousands of years ago even if it is only now that it became very trendy.It corresponds to a deep detoxification of the body.The body is becoming saturated with the current way of consumption which produces many toxins.

And this has harmful effects on energy, morale and even appearance.And to remedy this, all you have to do is launch a detox programme.This is why detoxification has come back into fashion in recent years.

The skin, lungs, liver, kidneys and intestines are emunctory organs.This means that their function is to expel toxins from the body.

Unfortunately, with the modern diet, these organs become saturated and are no longer able to expel all the toxins in the body.This will first manifest itself in weight gain, insomnia, digestive problems, skin problems such as eczema and acne, dull skin, ear infections, recurrent rhinitis and sinusitis, allergies, and a lowered immune system.

It is therefore necessary to carry out a detox programme, in order to stabilise a balance and to relieve these organs.This will allow the body to evacuate stored toxins.

Do not forget that detoxification is not a diet to lose weight even if it turns out that a person who wants to lose weight needs to follow a detox programme in order to eliminate bad fats in the body.


It is possible to follow a detox programme at any time.It is enough to feel the need to do one by listening to the body.Detoxification can be done twice a year, for example, for 40 days each.

Detox programmes are very often done after holiday periods when the body has had a very rich diet.It is therefore suggested to do a detox programme after the end of the year celebrations for example.

It is ideal to carry out this programme over a short period of time, in contrast to diets.This programme can be done several times during the year, even in winter when the body lacks energy.


  • Stability of the intestinal balance

Despite the fact that the digestive system is full of bacteria and viruses, the body has the ability to fight them.Eating too much sugar and too much fat makes the intestines work harder.

This can impair its proper functioning, which can lead to a defence problem because it can no longer do all the work necessary to defend itself properly.If the defence against viruses is weak, the viruses will reach the urogenital system or the ENT system.

Once the viruses reach these, it will cause recurrent colds, allergies, or other health problems.To remedy all this, it is necessary to find the balance!

  • Perfect skin and hair

When the body contains toxins, the complexion becomes dull and the hair becomes greasy.It is therefore essential to detoxify in order to have smooth and beautiful skin and shiny hair again.

  • Be in good shape

Once the body is stressed and tired, toxins accumulate more and more in the organism and it will become a vicious circle.The body therefore needs to replenish itself by doing a detox programme.

It is possible to limit or not limit the detox programme according to the needs of each person.You just have to adapt it according to the desired result.

A few simple rules to apply and the body will be in its best shape.The digestive system will function well, which means easier digestion.In short, the body will feel in top shape.

Also, fruit and vegetables are best juiced because this will allow the body to absorb them even more.So the body will be rich in vitamins and minerals too.

The large amount of vitamins and minerals in the body helps to clean up all the toxic waste that is stored inside due to pollution, cigarettes, stress, etc.
Eating raw fruit and vegetables allows the body to get the most out of the vitamins, minerals, especially the antioxidants contained in them.

All of this promotes a fit body, with beautiful skin, hair and also a better intellectual capacity.


The elimination of sources of intoxication and the stimulation of natural elimination functions are the two main rules of detoxification.It therefore consists of cleansing the body so that it can function properly.The detox programme is a cure developed by a nutritionist doctor.

Anti-stress, vitality or slimming, there are several ways to make a detox and which will allow the organism to find the perfect food balance with the well-being of the body.

To do this, you just have to follow some principles:

  • Reduce energy consumption: less sugar, salt, fats, dairy products.
  • Do not consume alcohol, tobacco, coffee and soft drinks.
  • Always favour healthy and natural foods: lots of fruit and vegetables, preferably organic.
  • Avoid meat and cold cuts, dairy products and gluten (bread, pasta, etc.).
  • Physical activity is necessary to stimulate lymphatic and blood circulation and to sweat well in order to eliminate toxins
  • Drink plenty of water, tea, herbal teas, depurative plants to keep the body well hydrated
  • Promote good sleep
  • Meditate to reduce and channel stress
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