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Good Recovery Is the Key to Performance

by damien

Doing one repetition after another, shortening rest times between sets or between sessions, pushing heavier, running faster, the quest for performance is omnipresent in the daily life of the sportsman.Apart from training adapted to the objectives set, it is important to have a correct diet and a restful sleep in order to promote optimal recovery and also contribute to one's health.


It is during this phase that muscles adapt to the trauma they have undergone and grow. Recovery is a point not to be neglected under any circumstances because, in the same way as training, it is the central point of good progression.It is no longer proven that athletes need a very high protein intake to promote muscle growth, however more and more research indicates that there are links between muscle anabolism and amino acid supplementation, particularly BCAAs.

It is therefore advisable to provide the body with a dose of BCAA's to promote a maximum anabolic response and thus start the recovery process.

One of the most important steps in the recovery phase is to restore the intramuscular energy stores.To do this, it is imperative to supplement with carbohydrates to recharge liver and muscle stores. Finally, it will be necessary to restore a correct vitamin and mineral status.

The interest is to compensate for the loss of trace elements linked specifically to physical activity but also to provide those necessary for recovery and the fight against free radicals by anti-oxidants.In these two objectives, the place of vitamin C is major and justifies a fruity product for recovery.

The recovery phase also requires a good sleep.


When starting or resuming a sport, many people suffer from pain following an effort.Cramps, aches, fatigue, ankylosis; many are the lesions that appear at the level of the muscles, tiring and handicapping the body the following days.To avoid these states of fatigue, never neglect recovery both during the sports session (with rest times) or between two sports sessions!

Having regular physical activity can be taxing on the body.Fortunately, today there are many solutions to help you enjoy your passion for sport!


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