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Bodybuilding Injuries What You Need to Know

by damien

There are several reasons for injuries in strength training.Generally, they can occur as a result of poorly controlled efforts, insufficient regeneration time, etc.Such unforeseen events are inevitably a hard blow that can momentarily slow down the practitioner's progress.In this article, you will discover some guidelines on how to limit injuries in bodybuilding.

The causes of injuries in bodybuilding ?

The practice of bodybuilding must be done according to standards.Lack of rest, poor posture or overtraining can cause injury.

Non-observance of rest time

There are always repercussions when strength training sessions accumulate and recovery time is not adhered to.Generally, people who use weight training have two goals.They want to lose body fat or gain muscle.On the contrary, neglecting rest will delay progress.

This way of working exposes you to muscular injuries.Indeed, between each session of musculation, the body needs a certain lapse of time to regenerate and repair itself.

Poor posture during training

To perform each exercise, you need to adopt the right posture.The positioning of the body, the arms, the feet...nothing is to be placed at random.This rigour in the execution of the tasks also makes it possible to reach one's objectives.

The same applies to the use of loads or different training tools.In the gym, they are mostly quite heavy.It is therefore necessary to be delicate in handling them and above all to ensure that you adopt an adequate posture.If not, you inevitably expose yourself to tears.


Thinking that they can reach their goal faster by starting hard, some people forget that musculation is a discipline that pays off over time.The human body must have time to get used to the new lifestyle and evolve with it.If you rush into exercises, you risk injury.

The same applies to overtraining.There is always a rest time that you need to respect so that you are not caught out by injuries and tears.

The most common injuries

Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.  This famous quote has a good place in muscle building.In order for the effects of your exercises to be noticed, muscle cells continually go through a cycle in which they decay and regenerate.This change does not only affect the muscle cells, the muscles also undergo the same changes.

The back is also a rather fragile part of the body, and can be damaged depending on the positions adopted during exercises.As bodybuilding is a sport in which people work with weights on a daily basis, back pain is a recurrent pain.There are specific exercises that can cause this problem.These include:

  • Squat;
  • Lifting, etc.

Under certain conditions, the rate of cell turnover may be lower than the rate of cell loss.This is particularly the case when you multiply the sessions without resting properly.Fatigue fractures are a direct consequence of this lack of rest.

Tendonitis is another injury that people who work out are exposed to.Here, it is the tendons that are affected.This condition is caused by excess uric acid, the amount of which in the body can increase rapidly when a person abuses protein.The recommended intake for the body is 2.5 grams per kilo, depending on your mass.Beyond that, tendonitis is inevitable for exercisers.

How to react to an injury?

Here are some tips on what to do in case of injury:


Water is your best ally against tendonitis.Regular consumption of water is a solution in this case.To regulate the level of uric acid in the body, it is important to watch your diet and above all to fight excess protein.


There is no ideal way to stop cramps when they occur.They tend to disappear after a while, but you can speed up the process.All you need to do is to stop exercising for a while and stretch your muscles.You can also massage the muscle affected by the cramps.


When you have a sprain, you should immediately look for ice to minimise the damage.This is because the cold relieves the pain and constricts the blood vessels, which helps to reduce inflammation.You should also use bandages to protect the damaged ligaments.


For tears, you should definitely consult a specialist to receive proper treatment.

Also find out theappropriate care in bodybuilding.

Musculation: how to avoid injuries?

Prevention is the best strategy to adopt to avoid injuries in bodybuilding.Indeed, if cramps and back pain can be quickly solved, it is not the same for other injuries.For example, a tear can keep you away from sessions for a month or more depending on the severity.This is obviously not what is desirable.

To limit the risk of injury, you must start all your sessions with a series of warm-up exercises.This preamble will not take you even fifteen minutes, but its importance is recognised by all specialists.By doing so, you raise the body temperature and prepare it for the upcoming session.

If the warm-up is essential before the beginning of a weight training session, consider the stretching as an exercise to be done at the end. All those who have succeeded in this discipline respect this little ritual: warm-up at the beginning, stretching at the end.

Another beneficial trick to adopt would be to mimic the posture without the loads before performing certain movements.This will show you how to do it, which in turn will help you avoid strains.

In weight training, time and perseverance are your allies.Rushing on the other hand is a bad decision.It is recommended to refer to a defined programme that you will follow to the letter.In this way, you will be able to progress serenely.

As in many other disciplines, injuries in bodybuilding are caused by carelessness or haste.By trying to go too fast, and subjecting your body to inappropriate loads, your goal will be slowed down by injuries.

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