Detox and smoking

by damien

The Detox to Free Yourself From the Stigma of Smoking

Detoxing can have many reasons, one of which is smoking. Smokers whose lungs are clogged by years of inhaling smoke are more in need than anyone else of a DETOX, freeing themselves from the stigma of smoking.

Detox to eliminate the toxic products due to smoking

It is true that a large number of toxic products have been identified in cigarette smoke, including:

    • Carbon monoxide found in car exhaust.
    • Hydrogen cyanide which was used in gas chambers.
    • formaldehyde and toluene which are industrial solvents.
    • acetonein paint strippers.
    • methanol used in rocket fuel.


    which is a powerful detergent.
  • Cadmiumused in automotive batteries.
  • mercury,lead and arsenic highly toxic metals....

One cannot imagine the damage caused by the accumulation of these chemical pollutants on the inner walls of the respiratory mucosa, down to the smallest involution of the pulmonary alveoli.

X-rays of a lung cancer testify: it is the horror!

DETOX is essential for those who want to stop smoking.

Whatever the method of smoking cessation, a prolonged DETOX  treatment will progressively free the bronchial tubes during the entire duration of the smoking cessation episode.

Without wanting to make you feel guilty...

It is understandable that one might look away when reading the inscriptions now printed in large letters on cigarette packets:

  • "Smoking seriously damages your health "
  • "Smoking causes cancer "
  • "Smoking kills "

The harm of smoking is known:

  • cancer (lungs,
  • arteritis (and increased risk of cardiovascular events),
  • angina pectoris,
  • respiratory disorders,
  • erectile dysfunction...

Not to mention the harmful consequences on beauty, because smoking:

  • Yellowing of the hands.
  • Turns teeth yellow.
  • Increases the formation of wrinkles by poor irrigation of the dermis.
  • Causes hair to fall out due to poor irrigation of the scalp.
  • Gives an earthy complexion as smoke particles clog pores.

Not to mention foul breath.

Kissing someone who smokes...yuck!

The desire to stop smoking is in many ways similar to the desire to lose weight.The smoker and the obese person experience the same existential avatars: a series of aborted attempts, spectacular relapses, a sort of vicious circle. Both are in need of a DETOX.


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