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The Differences In Model trainings and Fitness Model trainings

by damien

From what is shared on a daily basis, the flawless bodies of models seem accessible to all. Whether it's fashion models or fitness models, one thing unites them: training. But what is the difference between the training of fashion models and fitness models? In their field, it is a requirement to be able to sell their product. And so the only way to sculpt that beautiful body is through training.

Fashion models are generally people, full of life, toned, quite muscular and through them the ideal physique seems easy to achieve.

Fitness models on the other hand are muscular people, more complete in their development in general in the muscle mass of the whole body. That's why the question arises: isn't their training harder than the smile they show during shoots and other presentations? Surely behind that beautiful, well-sculpted body, there is work. So who's the bodybuilding for?

Training for fashion models

Generally speaking, models only do a few exercises during their training. A few resistance exercises and some cardio. Moreover, they already have their physique in most cases, they just need to maintain it properly. During their training, they focus on a few parts of the body, the most useful and apparent in their work.

For a good presentation in the workplace of a model, the fat level must be permanently monitored, the abdominal strap must be perfect, no bulge nor excess of fat, the shoulders must be well straight and well proportioned compared to the rest of the body.

It is imperative for the arms to be well shaped for the pleasure of the eyes in order to attract more attention from the general public. And finally, the chest whether it is a male or female model, the chest must be well shaped.

These few points are generally the most important for a fashion model. They don't have to develop the rest of the body like calves, thighs or a great back. The athletic physique is not much in demand in the advertising world.

How do they stay dry all year round?

So what is the secret of these models to keep their physique like this all year round? And that despite their training, they do not gain so much muscle mass. Well, it's quite simple, they maintain their weight because they watch what they eat. They watch the calories they eat during the day.

They have to keep their physique "shootable", perfect for photo shoots. So, keeping that model body apart from training and watching what they eat.

In their case, despite training, models gain so little muscle mass because their diet provides so few nutrients that the body will not have time to get them and they spend them in their training.

In order to keep their physique like this, the models have adopted a strategy that they believe works wonders. What is it? They only eat as much as they need to burn in a day. Even if some models indulge in a few tasty treats from time to time, they are obliged to go on a diet, which usually results in weight loss, even before the shoot if they gain weight. Gaining weight is not their goal.

In modelling, the beautiful, athletic physique is already a possession even at the beginning of her career. In order to maintain this balance, it is just necessary to keep it as long as possible with some training and without developing it too much into a large muscle mass.

The training of fitness models

In contrast to fashion models, fitness models have the same physical training as top athletes. Just like bodybuilders, but without gaining mass. Their goal is to make magazine covers or advertisements on the networks. They also have the obligation to stay in shape all year round.

In their case, fitness models can afford to gain weight during the year. A period in which they adapt their physique to the demands of the moment. This is rather easy to say but requires a lot of work.

Fitness models need to sculpt a few areas of the body in particular such as: body fat, overweight is not required in this area. The abdominal muscles, whether it is a woman or a man, the abdominal shelf must be present.

As for the arms, the biceps of the fitness models must be well filled out, as well as the trapezius muscles, which occupy the upper back region and form a diamond shape with the angles of the neck. Fitness models should have well-toned calves for photos that focus on sportswear, especially shorts.

This also applies to shapely but not bulging thighs for cardio shots. And finally, the pectoral muscles, they must be well developed from the bottom to the top to make a good image of fitness.

For all this work, the fitness models do a global training, from the calves to the trapezoids. For them, all the muscles of the body must be mobilised during the training. The role of these models is to represent the "healthy and drug-free" version in physical development. Being a fitness model seems unattainable but for those who are already in it, the training is not so bad.

How do these fitness models keep their physique all year round?

The lifestyle of these fitness models is well balanced. They are not allowed to make a mistake in their diet. In addition, they have to maintain their muscle mass and keep it well maintained, because regaining muscle in a short period of time is not feasible. The loss of this beautiful body can even cost them the end of their contract.

Since they are in the training rooms most of the time, they can afford a few days off to eat and recover muscle.

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