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Are We Made To Gain Muscle

by damien

It's quite nice and envious to see men and women in bodybuilding isn't it? Well filled out, shapely figures. One wonders how long they spent in the weight rooms before they had such a perfect body. Will we ever have even half the muscles they have? We even wonder if we are meant to build muscle or should we stay as we are for fear of failing.

Growing muscle requires determination

Muscle building is about working the body intensely so that the muscles are destroyed and then reformed. But first of all, it is a question of mind and determination.

The difference between amateurs and professionals is the determination to reach one's own goal, and the willingness to put in the necessary effort, no matter how hard you work or what obstacles you encounter during the programme. So, before you get too big for your britches, you start by building up your mental strength with a good dose of courage and determination.

Setting a rule of life for yourself

Every athlete has his or her own body type and physical condition. The diet of each athlete differs from one another, as do the exercises performed during the bodybuilding sessions and the food supplements consumed to optimise the result. To this end, you should not follow the rhythm and habits of other athletes.

You have to start by knowing yourself. What are your goals in the programme? Why do you want to build muscle? What are the means? Based on all these answers, you will set your own rules for your life. Most beginners call on a dietician to help them determine the diet to follow, and a coach for the exercises to do in order to get more concrete results.

Little by little, the bird makes its nest

"Rome was not built in a day". This proverb describes very well the mentality that you must adopt when you start bodybuilding. No bodybuilder has ever achieved the same pecs and forearms in such a short period of time. Muscle building is a long-term programme.

It takes time for the body to transform flesh into muscle while eliminating fat. What you can do to optimise results is to adopt a diet well adapted to your needs and of course to do very regular exercise sessions. If you stick to your diet today, work out very hard, and in a few days go back to your old life, you will gain even more weight and body fat. To this end, try to meet the above criteria before embarking on the discipline.

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