Detox And Mineral Composition

by damien

The composition of mineral waters and their role in a detox!

You will find below the summaries of the composition of mineral waters on the market.

The figures are expressed in milligrams per litre.

You will thus find your answers, to know which is the best water to use within the framework of your detox !


Calcium content

Vittel Hépar 555
Contrexéville 451
Badoit 272
Vittel grande source 202
Perrier 140

Vichy Célestins 90
Evian Cachat 78
Vichy Saint-Yorre 78
Volvic 10
Mont Roucous 1.20


Magnesium content

Vittel Hépar 555
Badoit 102
Contrexéville 66
Vittel grande source 36
Evian Cachat 24


Vichy Célestins 9
Vichy Saint-Yorre 9
Volvic 6
Perrier 3
Mont Roucous 0.20


Potassium content

Vichy Saint-Yorre 115
Vichy Célestins 71
Vittel grande source 6
Volvic 5
Vittel Hépar 4


Contrexéville 3
Perrier 1
Evian Cachat 1
Badoit 1
Mont Roucous 0.4

Sodium content

Vichy Saint-Yorre 11,744
Vichy Célestins 14
Badoit 66
Vittel Hépar 36
Perrier 24


Contrexéville 8
Volvic 8
Evian Cachat 5
Vittel grande source 3
Mont Roucous 2.8

Sulphate content

Vittel Hépar 1480
Contrexéville 1058
Vittel grande source 306
Vichy Saint-Yorre 182
Vichy Célestins 129


Perrier 51
Evian Cachat 10
Volvic 7
Badoit 6
Mont Roucous 3.30


Bicarbonate content

Vichy Saint-Yorre 4263
Vichy Célestins 3245
Badoit 17
Vittel Hépar 403
Vittel grande source 402


Contrex 386
Volvic 357
Evian Cachat 347
Vittel grande source 64
Mont Roucous 4.9


What is the best spring water to use for your detox?

Cristalline spring water does not appear in these tables for a good reason: this brand distributes water from 32 different springs, located in all the French regions, and they each have their own mineral composition.

For information, we have no professional link with Mont Roucous, we have only listed the composition of the mineral waters, which leads us to say objectively that any programmeDETOX should favour this water with a low mineral content.


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