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How To Optimize Growth Hormone

by damien

People often refer to doping when talking aboutgrowth hormone.However, this is not always the case: there are 100% natural methods that can achieve better results without resorting to illegal methods.Let's talk about the subject! Human growth hormone is a hormone that is secreted naturally by our body.Its main function is to regenerate our cells, especially those that make up muscle tissue or bones.It is therefore crucial for staying healthy, but also for boosting our physical development, and in particular that of our muscle mass.

The main effects of the hormone

This hormone has an anabolic effect, i.e.it promotes the building of muscle mass.GH also has a fat-burning effect, particularly on the abdomen.It also plays a role in the metabolisation of various elements such as proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

  • GH stimulates the growth of skeletal muscle, the generation of bone cells takes place according to the concentration of GH in the blood.This ossification is accompanied by an increase in lean body mass.Note that this increase, which also means a decrease in fat mass, is not accompanied by a significant change in weight.In any case, not immediately!
  • Growth hormone restores the body's water balance.GH is known to cause fluid retention which may be characterised by oedema of the lower limbs, only in passing.
  • GH promotes the development of muscle strength and physical performance.The improvement in physical performance of GH can only be enhanced by resuming physical activity or even training.Fatigue is much less felt and the body gains in effort and endurance.
  • Growth hormone also has positive effects on the regulation of blood pressure and heart rate.GH can, in some cases, cause a thickening of the heart muscle.

Benefits of GH on bodybuilding

People often talk about doping because of the fact that growth hormones can considerably boost the body's performance.Doping should not be confused with the simple decision to give the body a little boost to function better.Moreover, growth hormone is naturally secreted in the body.It is only necessary to calculate the amount that needs to be administered in order for the GH level in the blood to be fully utilised.

The natural growth hormone is indeed secreted when we make an intense physical effort.It also depends on the quality of this effort.For example, if you do aerobic exercise, your body will secrete more growth hormone, which will burn fat stores.

On the other hand, if you do weight training, growth hormone will act on protein synthesis, which will allow better repair of muscle tissue damaged by intense effort.In all cases, you win because muscle and fat mass are regulated.

Factors that change the concentration of growth hormone

Growth hormone is produced mainly at night, so to increase your GH levels, start by getting enough sleep.You can also increase levels by eating protein-rich foods, moderating coffee and quitting smoking.Eating a sugary diet, on the other hand, decreases GH production, while maintaining a mild hypoglycaemia promotes it.If you want to see results as soon as possible, fasting for one day every fortnight greatly stimulates the production of growth hormone.Regular exercise is also necessary.

However, the vagaries of modern life and the poor quality of industrial food do not always allow us to control all these factors.Another solution may be to supplement directly with amino acids that stimulate the production of GH, i.e.that naturally increase the secretion of this hormone by the pituitary gland.This has nothing to do with doping, but the amount ingested should be calculated by a professional beforehand.

Rules to follow when taking growth hormone

Here are 4 rules to follow toincrease GH concentration without resorting to treatment:

Improve sleep

Sleep more...it is essential to know that the production of growth hormone (GH) takes place during your sleep.Nights of 8 to 9 hours are essential for an optimal secretion of this hormone.To improve your sleep, stop all stimulants after 5pm (such as energy drinks or stimulants).Don't eat too much food or sugar in the evening to avoid insulin spikes, which prevent GH secretion.For better sleep, favour a cool room, as this helps you to fall asleep, and go into complete darkness.

Adopt a balanced diet

Encourage protein intake at every meal, as amino acids boost GH production.Reduce carbohydrates, and processed foods, especially in the evening.Avoid simple sugars, even after training, as they will promote the storage of fat and reduce the secretion of growth hormone.

Practise a sport regularly

When you train with a high heart rate, explosively with heavy loads and little rest time, you mobilise the fast muscle fibres.These naturally release GH, especially when you train with multi-joint exercises.And it also works with Interval Training or CrossFit.

Increase Vitamin D intake

In studies of people with GH deficiency, Vitamin D has been shown to increase IGF-1.This is a marker of the state of GH secretion, produced by the pituitary gland in response to GH secretion, and therefore indirectly related to GH.As GH improves bone remodelling and increases bone mineral density, providing your body with Vitamin D will greatly assist the growth hormone in fulfilling its regenerative functions.

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