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Detox and Hepatitis Prevention is Better Than Cure

by damien

Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver that can be caused by a virus (viral hepatitis) or other factors: alcohol abuse, intolerance to certain drugs, immune deficiency, poisoning by chemical substances, infection by certain fungi or parasites.A liver detox could be a solution!

The different types of hepatitis

There are 3 forms of viral hepatitis:

Hepatitis A.

This is the least serious form of hepatitis and the one that is easiest to treat.It is transmitted, mainly in the intertropical zone, by ingestion of contaminated food or water.

H├ępatite B.

This is the most widespread disease in the world.It is transmitted through blood and semen, with contamination occurring through unprotected sexual contact with infected partners or among drug users through the exchange of needles with infected persons.

Hepatitis C.

This is the most dangerous because this virus is the most resistant.Like hepatitis B, it is transmitted through blood and semen.

Often, hepatitis remains silent (painless) for a long time.

It may then have caused havoc when the symptoms of acute hepatitis  occur:

  • Loss of appetite and dramatic weight loss.
  • Fever, intense sweating at the end of the day.
  • Abdominal pain and nausea.
  • Jaundice affecting the skin and whites of the eyes.
  • Dark urine and sudden swelling of the stomach.

WARNING: Hepatitis that is not diagnosed in time can have a very serious complication.This is called fulminant hepatitis.

This form of complication (fortunately rare) leads to short-term mortality in 25% of cases due to massive necrosis of the liver (true self-destruction).Only an emergency liver transplantation can prevent death.

Symptoms of fulminant hepatitis include skin bleeding, nosebleed, mental confusion and emergency hospitalisation.

Hepatitis and Prevention

prevention of hepatitis A is well known.When travelling to high-risk countries, never drink tap water but bottled water with the cap removed in front of you.

Alternatively, sterilise the water by boiling it for five minutes.Do not add ice to your drinks.Do not eat raw food, salads, raw fish, seafood and shellfish.

As for the prevention of hepatitis B and C, it is elementary, given their mode of sexual or blood contamination.It is also better to avoid getting a tattoo from someone who does not respect the ethics in force in this kind of risky practice.

Prevention is better than cure!

Whatever the contracted hepatitis (A, B or C) in complement of the treatment a DETOX will always be beneficial, supporting the detoxification of the organ so that this treatment is even more active.


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