Detox And The Benefits Of Ash

by damien

Find below all the benefits of the ash tree, a detox plant.

The benefits of Ash for your Detox

Uric acid is a metabolic waste product which is deposited in particular in the big toe, causing the so painful gout, but also in the tissues of the articular capsules, worsening the degeneration of the cartilages characterizing the osteoarthritis.

The excretion of uric acid is therefore a priority objective of the DETOX.

Ash actively contributes to this action, which is why it is found in ERIC FAVRE's LIQUID BURNER.

In the days when there were still herbalist shops, ash leaves were the basis of all preparations intended to combat rheumatism.Professor Binet, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in Paris, wrote at the beginning of the 20th century "The ash is the anti-gout and anti-rheumatic tree par excellence".

The attributes of Ash and its action in detox

Nicknamed the "Cinchona of Europe" for its febrifuge properties (it brings down fever), people with rheumatism, according to ancestral popular traditions, combined ash, meadowsweet, blackcurrant and lime sapwood.

This beautiful, slender tree (Fraxinus excelsior), native to the northern regions of our continent, is well known because it can withstand cold climates.

For anti-rheumatic use, the leaves are used which are rich in a molecule, rutoside, an alkaloid with experimentally demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties.

The relief of osteoarthritis is accelerated when joint inflammation is reduced.

Ash leaves also contain two substances with a diuretic and depurative effect, fraxinite and fraxinine.

The effectiveness of ash in combating gout is due to this double action which allows the elimination of uric acid concentrated in the big toe.

And in the case of osteoarthritis, there is also an overload of uric acid which adds to the cartilage debris to "clog" the joint, which amplifies the inflammation and pain.

Generally speaking, ash is beneficial in any DETOX action concerning a person with rheumatism in the broadest sense of the term (which is not limited to gout and osteoarthritis, there are many other rheumatic conditions).

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