Detox And The Benefits Of Garcinia

by damien

DETOX is very often, rightly, associated with slimming, which is why garcinia, a powerful actor of lipogenesis, is found in many slimming products.

Garcinia cambogia is a fruit tree of the Clusaciae family, cultivated in South India, the Sunda Islands, Malaysia and Thailand, Asian countries of the intertropical zone where it is nicknamed the mangosteen.A great plant for a detox cure!

Detox and garcinia: an effective combination

The fruit is the size of a large clementine.Its envelope is a thick peel, like that of the orange.

The pulp of the fruit is white.The fruit is divided into several segments.The flavour is sweet, reminiscent of peaches, pineapples and raspberries.

This delicious fruit is the most famous in India where it is called the prince of fruits.It is sold in the markets where it is a great success.

And this fruit also has therapeutic virtues.Indian apothecaries prescribe the dried rind of the Garcinia fruit to tired people, as it contains a large amount of vitamin C.

But this Garcinia bark also contains the valuable hydroxycitric fruit acid, abbreviated as HCA (Hydroxy Citric Acid).

American studies have shown that the HCA in Garcinia inhibits the action of the enzyme ATP citrase lyase, which plays a key role in the storage of fatty acids from the food chyme.

Garcinia thus slows down lipogenesis

Other studies have shown experimentally that HCA promotes the burning of fat stored in adipocytes.Under the action of HCA, the metabolism of the transformation of lipids into energy is effectively facilitated.It can be said that HCA burns fat after having contributed to its removal.

This is how it works: HCA promotes the disincrustation of fat stored in the adipocytes, accelerates its mobilisation and facilitates its crossing of the cell membranes to reach the mitochondria, the body's thermal power plants, where it is burned.

Garcinia thus actively contributes to the burning of fat responsible for obesity

Another series of studies (again in the USA) has shown that the HCA in Garcinia acts on the reduction of appetite by saturating the hepatic glucoreceptor responsible for the storage of glycogen at the end of carbohydrate catabolism.

A message of satiety is then sent to the brain, and the induced neuromediation stops the desire to eat.This makes Garcinia an authentic appetite suppressant.

It has therefore a total of 3 complementary slimming actionsDETOX.


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