The Detox Benefits Of Eating Grapes

by damien

Below you will find the benefits of eating grapes as part of a detox.The grape, one of the essential plants of a detox.

How is the grape cure carried out?

The grape cure (also known as uvale cure, grape being saiduva  in Latin) is the most practisedmonodiet, knowing rightly a great success for the benefits it brings, a realpurification, adetoxification, allowing theelimination of the metabolic wastes.

It acts by stimulating the excretory emunctories : kidneys, intestines, liver, lungs and skin.Detoxified, the body regains its vitality, which boosts the energy potential.It is often referred to as cure de jouvence, which speaks for itself.

It lightens not only the body (having a slimming function) but also the spirit because the recovered form gives tonus to the mental plan.Without forgetting the virtues of the grape, rich in fibres which accelerate the transit, in antioxidant polyphenols, in minerals and in vitamins so precious for health.

The preparation of the cure

This DETOX purge must be done during the ripening season of the grape, September/October.Before starting, it is necessary to be psychologically available, well prepared in one's mind, because the cure induces constraints.And during the week preceding the cure, it is useful to lighten one's diet in order to start the process gently.

How long should the cure last?

The duration of a grape cure varies according to your motivation, from 3 days to 3 weeks.

The first time you do this cure, only 3 days are recommended, in order to see how your body reacts to this monodiet.

The following year, when a second cure is carried out, it can last one week.In the following years, it can last up to 3 weeks, without exceeding this duration.

How much grapes should be consumed?

During this cure one must eat EXCLUSIVELY grapes, excluding any other food (this is the principle of a monodiet).

The quantity ingested each day depends on the personal feeling of each person, on his or her feelings, on the body's reactions.

We recommend 1 kg ...1.5 kg ...2 kg.It is advisable to divide the consumption of grapes 3 to 6 times a day and to chew it well, grain by grain, the skin and the seeds having their own virtues.It should be washed thoroughly before consumption.

In addition to the grape, it is necessary to hydrate well, 1 ½ litre per day, by drinking water exclusively, either pure or in the form of an infusion of diuretic and depurative plants.

Which grape?

White or black, Chasselas or Muscat doesn't matter, each one must follow his instinct and his preferences, alternation (one day out of two) being possible, but this grape must be:

  • OfBIOLOGICAL quality, which is imperative, as we know how dangerous chemical treatments of the vine are for our health.
  • Wellripe, as grapes that are too green irritate the digestive mucous membranes, especially in people with fragile intestines.

Undesirable effects

Anyone who takes a grape treatment every year knows that it causes a number of discomforts due to the toxins released into the bloodstream before being excreted: fatigue, headaches, nausea, ringing in the ears, stuffy nose, watery eyes, skin rashes.

But this is nothing compared to the many benefits of the cure for the body, which is rid of these harmful toxins.Finally, it must be said that the grape cure is not recommended for diabetics (which is understandable given the massive sugar intake) and for pregnant women.


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